Why Work? The Zero Work movement

Why Work? The Zero Work movement

So...Why work, indeed?

CLAWS has devoted this entire web site to the question "why work"? We want to encourage new attitudes about work, leisure, and jobs. This is our main focus, but we realize that to ask the question "why work?" also involves questioning the received wisdom in many seemingly disparate areas of life--money/economics, corporations, the media, our consumerist lifestyles, and so forth, which we cover in other sections of our site. Here's the place to start!

The Abolition of Work
by Bob Black, 1985
A wonderful article encouraging us to think about alienated labor and speaking out for the abolition of work as we know it.

We Don't Want Full Employment, We Want Full Lives!
by Ken Knabb
Documents from recent jobless takeovers of public buildings in France.

Bob Black: Abolitionist and Archestrator of the Slack Revolution
by Steve Mizrach
Meet Bob Black, heretic and social critic.

No Future for the Workplace
by Bob Black, 1992

What's Wrong with This Picture?
A critique of Jeremy Rifikin's book The End of Work by Bob Black

The Continuum Concept
Work as play among South American Indians

Toil and Trouble: New Labor's Puritan Agenda
by Molly Scott Cato
Article on the UK New Labor party.

The Latest on Unemployment in the UK

CLAWS site features from Anxiety Culture
by Brian Dean:

"Work," referring to what workers do, should not be confused with exertion; play can be more strenuous than work. Work is compulsory production, something done for some other reason than the satisfaction of doing it."

--Bob Black

"It pisses me off every time I think about anybody thinking that work will liberate."

--bell hooks

"We must seek by our 'positive' propaganda to make people want freedom--the responsibility of running their own lives, the leisure to do the things they want to do--or, of course, to do nothing--in the company of others or in the privacy of their individualistic refuges."

--unsigned editorial in Freedom, 1961